Itachi and shisui. Shisui Uchiha was a member of the Uchiha clan and a close friend of Itachi Uchiha. See more ideas about shisui, itachi, itachi uchiha. Selain itu, dia menjadi ketua dalam timnya, dan dengan kehebatannya, bahkan Shinobi dari Kiri yang dipimpin Itachi and Shisui Drawing . 7) . Find HD wallpapers for your desktop, Mac, Windows, Apple, IPhone or Android device. 1024*764. Itachi is confused by their motives and can't discern which side is right or wrong. fx), so(@awareso) . Wallpapers For > Uchiha Itachi Wallpaper 1920×1080. Shisui asks his help to rob a bank. naruto matching (2) Itachi Uchiha. Uchiha Itachi Funny And Cute Moments indir, Uchiha Itachi Funny And Cute Moments video olarak indir, Uchiha Itachi Funny And Cute Moments cep indir. Search. Itachi and Shisui are very close. At some point in the past, he fought withAo. Se connecter. Uchiha Shisui (うちはシスイ) aka "Shisui of the Body Flicker" (瞬身のシスイ) was a respected and loyal shinobi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. 66 Kb. 4:48. The two come across a battle between the … A year after, he fulfilled with a 5-year-old Itachi Uchiha, getting best buddies and forming a brother-like bond. 6:44. The eye eventually assisted Itachi in deactivating the Edo Tensei programming placed on him during the 4th Shinobi war and allowed him to protect the village. They know why Itachi has Uchiha Inabi was a Konoha Military Policeman from the Uchiha Clan. Resolution: 1920x1080. The kunais vanishes as Shisui turns his palm over and shows them to Itachi. mp3 Shisui Uchiha vs EVERYONE | Naruto Shippuden Mugen | Upload, share, download and embed your videos. "Hey, watch me shoot that grumpy Itachi in the back of the head. Ao retains an acute memory of Shisui's chakra and ability to control others with his Sharingan. 99 $ 27. Reply _atti0_9. Video Game – Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Shisui Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Wallpaper. yassir_abd0. Browse and download Minecraft Shisui Skins by the Planet Minecraft community. 4:59. Watch popular content from the following creators: Mitsuya(@xmitsuyaxx), 𒊹︎ғᴀᴛᴀ ᴄᴜ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴀᴛᴇ𒊹︎(@prety_girl_megan), Dark Hokage(@darkhokage13), ♡(@yourfavoritehokage), itachiuchiha(@editzitachiiu) . 3 likes. Here are all the twisting reveals in the character's past. thewildesttiger likes this. Kid Itachi Blushing Is So Cute, Itachi And Izumi Adorable Moments ENG Itachi watched Sakura come down until Shisui tossed a rock at him. Khito Dec 2, 2020 @ 9 Itachi requested Shisui. 26 Madara Uchiha Wallpapers 2482. ”You’re everything I need,” Shisui whispered, kissing Itachi’s hair. 2. He then joined the Akatsuki where he comes into frequent conflict with Konoha, and its ninja. 2560x1600. Reviews (15) These contact lenses are those of Itachi, who was a prodigy of the Uchiha clan. [47+] Sharingan Wallpaper HD 1920x1080 on WallpaperSafari. Izumi Hopes That Itachi Will Awaken The Sharingan Soon, Itachi Happy When Sasuke Born English DubShisui Teachs Itachi With Shuriken And Sharingan, Itachi Hap Itachi, in love with Shisui? Sasuke can barely believe it. Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and one of the greatest Sharingan users in Naruto. Itachi Uchiha. 4K Itachi Uchiha Wallpapers. Shisui no irai: Directed by Hayato Date. So he and Itachi are both masters of the sharingan. Sasuke eventually succeeds in … Itachi Uchiha was a prodigy of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. All you need to say is Itachi has more versatility, better intelligence, and is superior on every other account. Share the best GIFs now >>> Itachi HD Wallpaper (69+ images) Itachi Uchiha Wallpapers Sharingan (68+ background pictures) Uchiha Sasuke - NARUTO - Image #2104888 - Zerochan Anime Image Board. 5w. Like all that matters in the world is … Shisui’s Perfect Susanoo is a glowing green, similar in color to the Susanoo Kishimoto-sensei created for him in Naruto Storm 4′s predecessor, Storm Revolution. Itachi, later on, massacred © Valve Corporation. Yif14018. Bequeathed Power : He gives Itachi his remaining eye left. Each Legendary Sword costs B$2,000,000 to buy, as does the fusion of all three for TTK. because shisui was spying on itachi for the uchiha clan because the uchiha clan new that itachi was working with the leaf to try to overthrow the uchiha clan plus to get the mongekyou sharingan (you must kill your closest friend to obtain the mongekyou sharingan) Wiki User. ] Shisui's kit is based on Shisui's moves in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4. Naruto Painting. Submit Shisui Itachi Flamdring. The crow had Shisui's eye since Itachi was 11, the 4th War happens Both Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha from Naruto used crows. Completely different with him who very busily … Shisui has Kotoamatsukami, and Itachi has that, Tsukuyomi, and Amaterasu. Itachi laughed … Itachi Shisui - 18 images - itachi uchiha hd wallpapers, itachi in 2020 itachi uchiha naruto art anime gangster, the story of itachi and shisui friendship part 1 english sub youtube, shisui uchiha and itachi, After the Uchiha clan’s coup d’état plan leaked, Shisui Uchiha was requested to use his formidable Kotoamatsukami to control the Uchiha clan. Download Millions Of Videos Online. Melindahollis76. io. You can hit people while you iuse this move and you're invisible for the first part of the move. Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) 1600x1200 - Anime - Naruto. 1024x576. He is an ANBU Captain and a prodigy from Konohagakure's famed Uchiha clan. Tags will be added with each chapter. Although his praise and right to fame were quickly destroyed the night he became a most Seeking for free Itachi PNG images? Choose from 61 PNG graphic resources and download free for non-commercial or commercial use. He draws out a large number of Kunais from his holster as he held them in his hand. tswift626. ai . Copy. Itachi and Izumi meet for the first time when they are five years old. " "That seems fair too, then Big Brother Shisui teach me Shurikenjutsu. fueliicy1 Apr 29, 2021 @ 3:06pm this wallpaper is goated. You remember the first time Sasuke had held the baby, (B/N) had farted. 'Oh! Shisui is about to flex in front of Itachi 1024x576 Itachi Shisui by AricaJade92. The Naruto series follows Naruto Uzumaki as he graduates from the Ninja Academy in the first chapter and episode. [1][2]A Young Itachi With His Family. Answer (1 of 14): Shisui Uchiha: 1-Unlocked Mongekyou Sharingan at 7. Boruto. Uchiha Itachi [Click for Full Biography (Spoilers)] Personal Data Registration ID: 012110 Birthday: June 9th Blood Type: AB Height: 178 cm Weight: 58 kg Khi Shisui giao cho Itachi con mắt còn lại, Itachi che đậy cái chết của Shisui như thể Itachi là thủ phạm. When he happens upon his parents, the two submit and allow him to kill them. It is obtain through spinning. Itachi kills parents. Konoha was the uniting of Senju and Uchiha clans. itachi Sasuke. Due to being a member of one of the key Hidden Leaf families, Itachi only knew about bloodshed and death as a child soldier of the Third Great Ninja War. Before his true motives were revealed, he acted as … Itachi Uchiha (Japanese: うちは イタチ, Hepburn: Uchiha Itachi) is a fictional character in the Naruto manga and anime series created by Masashi Kishimoto. "Canvas" More information. Especially since by that time the Uchiha clan is already suspected of planning a coup. Explore: Wallpapers Phone Wallpapers Art Images pfp Gifs. He was praised alongside Itachi for having the greatest mastery of and sheer power in its usage. He just take one of his eyes, then Shisui gives the other one to Itachi before Shishui makes his own existence to be unknown. Moreover, the Uchiha clan is a clan, and not a family. Shisui and Itachi are both in the akatsuki and are tasked to capture Sasuke and bring him to the hideout. Itachi Shisui - 18 images - shisui uchiha and itachi, itachi uchiha hd wallpapers, itachi uchiha vs shisui uchiha trailer youtube, the real reason shisui uchiha died explained youtube, Menu ≡ ╳ Shop our trendy Itachi And Shisui Lamp and light your room with the designs of your favorite anime! This light features Itachi and Shisui Uchiha - arguably two of the most powerful Sharingan holders of the Uchiha Clan other than maybe Madara himself. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of Why Did Itachi Annihilate His Clan? The Uchiha association was planning to abolish the apple and booty ascendancy of it. Itachi accompanies his friend Shisui on a three-part training exercise. The two come across a battle between the Hokage’s ANBU and the Foundation. PNG. There is naturally no judgement between the two, only a peace between the two that the both of them enjoy so much. 400 sec Dimensions: 452x498 Created: 9/23/2020, 2:31:25 PM (B/N) enjoys Itachi mainly. Kakashi. Simply put, it’s one smutty ShisuIta short story per month for 2022. Not the uniting of Uchiha and Senju families. Art Background. Watch popular content from the following creators: ᴀɴɪᴍᴇ ᴇᴅɪᴛᴏʀ(@royalflocky), 𒊹︎ғᴀᴛᴀ ᴄᴜ ᴅᴇ ᴛᴏᴀᴛᴇ𒊹︎(@prety_girl_megan), VENOM(@snake_veno11), Izumi Uchiha(@izumiuchiha9), 𝓜𝓪𝓻𝓽𝓪 𝓛𝓪𝓾𝓻𝓪(@anime. Watch premium and official videos free online. 1920x1080 HD Wallpaper | Background ID:547591. By. With his left eye, he could use Tsukuyomi, a genjutsu that trapped opponents' minds in an illusory world, altering their perception of time to make seconds of torture seem like days. This will be twelve chapters of erotic adventures, with one destination and one smut Monday prompt each. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of 1411x2508 Itachi and shisui duo wallpaper. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of Shisui Uchiha, renowned as Shunshin no Shisui/Shisui of the Body Flicker; English TV "Shisui the Teleporter"), was a shinobi from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and a minor character of the manga and anime franchise, Naruto. Resolution: 1920x1080 … YQ. " Danzo can just claim that Itachi is under Shisui's genjutsu and that Shisui did that to blacksheep him. It turns out … Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. Itachi Uchiha e Kisame Hoshigaki aparecem após a invasão da Areia e do Som na Vila Oculta da Folha. Itachi Uchiha (うちはイタチ|Uchiha Itachi) is one of the supporting characters and an anti-villain in the Naruto franchise. Get it Tue, Jun 21 - … How to say Shisui in English? Pronunciation of Shisui with 6 audio pronunciations, 2 meanings, 5 translations and more for Shisui. You can take any video, trim the best part, combine with other videos, add soundtrack. 3. I think I speak for all of us when I say that, we want to know why you actually left the village. org. Jan 14, 2021 - Explore Erika Brown's board "Shisui x Itachi" on Pinterest. itachi shisui GIFs 1 786 résultats. svg format Premium quality Free for commercial use Free & easy download unlimit Update daily. Itachi laughed … PROFIL LENGKAP UCHIHA ITACHI *Debut - Manga: Chapter #139 - Anime: Naruto Episode #80 - Movie: Naruto 6: Road to Ninja - Video Game: Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 - OVA: Hidden Leaf Village Grand Sports Festival! - Muncul Dalam Anime, Manga, Game dan Movie *Pengisi Suara: - English: Skip Stellrecht (Episodes 29-30) - English: Crispin Freeman Tidak juga, ada anggota yang biasa-biasa saja, namun Shisui membuktikan dirinya bahwa dia adalah salah satu Uchiha berbakat, mirip seperti Itachi. Nadat hij afstudeerde aan de Academie tijdens de Derde Shinobi Wereldoorlog, werd Shisui samen met zijn beste vrien geplaatst in een genin team. Having a maximum of 8 years age gap if you were Sasuke’s age, or Shisui’s age, would be a lot LOL. naico_marambio. It's a pretty good Kekkei Genkai to level up, based on the second jutsu. She found out that she was pregnant but decided Shisui and Itachi have a full year off-duty to travel around the world, purely for pleasure. He was a missing-nin from Konohagakure, and a prominent member of Akatsuki, partnered with Kisame Hoshigaki. [Shuisui's combos will be added when the character comes out. His lover was Kurenai. 477. Link : Embed : Video Description. Joker. Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; itachi-nii-san liked this How much older is shisui then Itachi? Shisui appeared in flashbacks to be anywhere between 2-4 years older than Itachi. Hence why only a select few among the Uchiha clan can awaken Shisui was noted to be one of the most talented members of the Uchiha clan. Here's a detailed explanation on what made him do the unthinkable sacrifice. In the 4th Shinobi War, they helped turn the battle around for the Allied Shinobi Force. Mar 4, 2021 - Explore Nadiah Ha's board "Shisui x Itachi", followed by 104 people on Pinterest. In this form Itachi is able to use the Amaterasu and Tsukuyomi Doujutsu techniques. 128 notes Feb 16th, 2022. As if destiny itself was on the side of the children. View. And moaned loudly whenever Shisui sped up his pace. S'inscrire. It is … Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. As a shinobi prodigy, Itachi stood as one of the Village's strongest soldiers even as a kid. 2560x1440. "Shisui scratched his back and smiled. The latest music videos, short movies, tv shows, funny and extreme videos. Share Friends & Social. He became an international criminal after murdering his entire family, sparing only his younger brother, Uchiha Sasuke. Add Caption Itachi Uchiha's decision to kill his clan is much discussed. Matching Wallpaper. Watch popular content from the following creators: Harmen 🪐(@harmensfilms), editor For anime (@gyufxe), 𝔽 𝒾 ℍ 𝐀 𝕥 ☆(@f4ihat), FAR. Itachi. Bro ? Itachi is stronger since shisui stop training since he died :p. HD wallpapers and background images Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and one of the greatest Sharingan users in Naruto. You can also upload and share your favorite Itachi and Shisui wallpapers. If shisui was jn that position he woulda lost. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of Itachi was anguished by Shisui's death, enough to awaken his Mangekyō Sharingan. ”I don’t care what anyone says. 3840x2160 Wallpaper art, naruto, itachi, uchiha. $19. Sasuke Uchiha Rinnegan Vs. Fan Art of Shisui and Itachi for fans of Shisui Uchiha 24399172. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. 2-Became a Jonin at 11. 1280x1024 Free download Uchiha Shisui Uchiha Itachi Uchiha Sasuke Black Handwear wallpaper [1771x1254] for your Desktop, Mobile & Tablet. Itachi was 12 when he saw Shisui die. A lovingly curated selection of 30+ free hd Shisui Uchiha wallpapers and background images. Plus on top of being the best armor, his Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. mp3; Itachi uses his Demonic Illusion: Mirage Crow to place Naruto within a genjutsu English Dub. Additional Information. Anbu _ Itachi Becomes Anbu-uHK0wFMXtcY. In the midst of this, he persuaded in that loving, implicitly authoritative tone that was typical of him: “Move, honey. ( 15 customer reviews) $ 29. itachi Meme Templates. Itachi has much better showings than Shisui in general and more versatile. 2K Stories. Reply. Onmiddellijk nadat de oorlog een jaar later was geëindigd, zag Shisui zijn vriend sterven op een missie, waardoor hij de … Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. Itachi also has superior Genjutsu range, so he can catch Shisui faster than Shisui Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 454 - Itachi's Story - Light and Darkness: Shisui's Request Shisui & Itachi -artist here . Itachi laughed … Itachi Uchiha Killing his clan or The Uchiha Incident is one of the most controversial incidents in the Naruto series. mp3; Shisui give his eye to itachi - Shisui's death- English Dub HD. - Complete. 4w. After Shisui gave Itachi his left eye and strongest genjutsu "Heavenly Gods", he made people believe that he destroyed his eyes himself, and then killed himself by throwing himself into a river. " Shisui then asked me "Let's address the elephant in the room. Shisui and itachi background for computer Itachi Uchiha (うちはイタチ, Uchiha Itachi) was Sasuke Uchiha's older brother. 1920x1200 Madara Uchiha - Naruto Wallpaper #8743. Amazon This HD wallpaper is about Naruto, Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke Uchiha, Shisui Uchiha, Uchiha Clan, Original wallpaper dimensions is 3840x2160px, file size is 879. AlphaSystem. Add interesting content and earn coins. He became an international criminal after murdering his entire clan, sparing only his younger brother, Sasuke. ”. 9M views Discover short videos related to itachi and shisui edits on TikTok. After Itachi's death, Sasuke is approached by Tobi, who reveals to Sasuke the truth of the Uchiha Massacre. View, comment, download and edit shisui Minecraft skins. Naruto And Sasuke. From left to right: Fugaku, Sasuke, Mikoto, Itachi. Itachi and Shisui vs. Ana SayfaBedavaYoutubeMp4indir. They summon a flock of crows from underneath their cloaks to stun their opponents. About Itachi and Shisui Thread starter Crona; Start date Jun 22, 2011 #shisui_itachi | 12. When he returned to capture Naruto, she realized that her flames of passion were still burning bright and they ended up hooking up before he left. animated. 1024x768 Shisui Uchiha Wallpaper … In the Itachi Shinden novels, Itachi felt that it was Shisui that took the initiative to stop the coup between them. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Danzo is a high official. Free download shisui itachi and sasuke vectors files in editable . Itachi's clutched Shisui's hair as he began a steady thrust. He was a best friend of Itachi Uchiha. Sharingan - Uchiha Shisui Mangekyou (Kaleidoscope) Form: This is the Mangekyou Sharingan form of Uchiha Shisui. He thinks playfully exchanging hits is a good way to learn about someone’s personality and to bond with someone. eps . Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. Akatsuki. 908x674. Which includes Sasuke, who seeks to avenge their family. 1920x1080 Search Results for “madara uchiha wallpaper hd” – Adorable Wallpapers. Hot Itachi had done a lot of things when he was alive, but one thing clung to him more than any other. Rated 4. Shisui, decided to use the latter's unique eye abilities to manufacture peace, but Danzo sabotaged them by stealing one of Shisui's eyes. Treading Water by Dustland-Fairytales reviews. Crow (After) deals a special effect called black flames on the "Black Flamsters" upgrade, which is basically a slower acting, heavier damaging burn that ticks 20 times total. Icons de Naruto & Boruto, •La Imágenes no son mías, Derechos a sus respectivos autores Shisui and itachi background for computer. 93 out of 5 based on 15 customer ratings. Subscribe. So Itachi said "I think he is telling the truth Kakashi is not what the kind of person you think he is". Open in app; Facebook; Tweet; Reddit; Mail; Embed; Permalink ; megan-mature258554 liked this Shisui's Mangekyou Sharingan is a close range dojutsu. Shisui then sat down, leaning against a large, with Itachi still attached to his waist. 1024x1408 Shisui uchiha regresara by leandroaraneda. Therefore, his lover could be any other Uchiha except Sasuke and Shisui and Tobi. ana. He and two officers questioned Uchiha Itachi about his whereabouts during the time Uchiha Shisui killed himself. Language: English #naruto #edit #shorts #viral #obito #otaku #tiktok #boruto #itachi #sasuke #sakura #naruhina #future#kakashi #yamato#despacito #beat#best#madara #industrybab itachi and shisui edits 21. Naruto Y Sasuke. 600x545 Shisui Uchiha 1 by bargiegaara. Anime Wallpaper Live. 6 out of 5 stars 66. #footer_privacy_policy | #footer Shisui puts many targets on nearby trees and rocks. Resolution: 2000x1095. Submit more Shisui Uchiha. When the following day some Uchiha, already suspicious of Itachi, accused him of murdering Shisui and staging a suicide, Itachi lost his composure and attacked them, defeating them easily. 2 7. Personal blog itachi naruto sasuke kakashi uchiha akatsuki sakura deidara sasori kisame obito hidan gaara shisui narutoshippuden itachiuchiha konoha shikamaru tobi pein. Its design was three spiralling curves around the pupil. with large dark eyes and a head full of dark curls. ∙ 2011-03-09 04:48:39. Itachi’s Perfect Susanoo is a fiery red, just as his Susanoo … Shisui Uchiha (うちはシスイ, Uchiha Shisui), renowned as "Shisui of the Body Flicker", was an Anbu from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan and a close friend of Itachi Uchiha. Shisui himself had 2 eyes and used most likely used Koto after he was 6-7 when he awakened his MS(check Seelentau's timeline as it uses the Itachi Shinden novels too) and he later dies at about age 13-14 which then the crow has his remaining eye none Itachi and Shisui Vs Isshiki. One usage is enough for it to be famous. Bad grammar. (FAN ANIMATION) Itachi and Shisui possess the Rinnegan | Another World📝 Hypothesis :Here's an animation we came up with that p Tons of awesome Itachi and Shisui wallpapers to download for free. Narusaku. He wanted to save Naruto from Sasuke’s mangekyou Details File Size: 2726KB Duration: 2. Shisui nodded his head and said, "I also believe that naruto is telling the truth. Shisui gave his other eye to Itachi and then committed suicide, with the hope of awakening Itachi's Mangekyo Sharingan. Encontre (e salve!) seus próprios Pins no Pinterest. He joined the criminal organization Akatsuki to serve as a double-spy, to later become an S-rank missing-nin as he participated in murder of his entire clan on orders from higher-ups, in … Itachi Uchiha is the 10th Character of the Naruto Roster. Shusui is one of the 21 Great Grade swords and a "Black Sword/Blade" (黒刀, Kokutō?) that was once wielded by the legendary samurai Shimotsuki Ryuma. Born into the famous Uchiha clan on the day of October 19th, Shisui Uchiha was noted to be … Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. added Naruto Shisui And Itachi - 2560x1440 Wallpaper - teahub. “Stop. It smelled bad, and Shisui wouldn’t stop Itachi Uchiha Itachi Uchiha was the rogue ninja that massacred all his clan members and left his home village to join a shady organization named Akatsuki. The crow had Shisui's eye since Itachi was 11, the 4th War happens when Itachi would be about 22. Find this Pin and more on TikTok Naruto by letikoica. “I hear her,” Shisui rolled to his feet and turned to look at Sakura. Sasuke vs ItachiBut Mugen. Resolution: 3840x2160 View Itachi & Shisui. View replies (5) naico_marambio. trapvan22. Find this Pin and more on Itachi and Shisui by LoganMridul. Clipart; Silhouette; Icon; Categories; Itachi Y Shisui Anbu Cards Para Naruto Blazing - Itachi Eyes Gazing Over The Future. Lemonades Itachi Gif Temp. Naruto Wallpaper. He grips the tip of the kunais between his fingers and flicked his hand. 70 $30. Matching Profile Pictures. 9,747 notes Aug 16th, 2020. Similar With itachi wallpaper hd. It made her look younger. Itachi believed that Naruto is the only one who could save Sasuke. en GIFs. Itachi established himself to be a prodigy at a very young age. Must be a fan of Itachi and Shisui, either as friends or a romantic relationship. Uchiha Itachi (うちはイタチ) was a famous prodigy of Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. He can be evolved from Crow by using: The … Itachi Uchiha (in Japanese: うちはイタチ, Uchiha Itachi) is a major antagonist and anti-villain in the manga and anime series Naruto, and the older brother of the series' deuteragonist, Sasuke Uchiha. Rechercher les millions de GIFs créés par nos utilisateurs Rechercher des millions de GIFs Rechercher des GIFs. Art. 5/dez/2021 - Crimson Fiery encontrou este Pin. It is prized as the national treasure of the Wano Country. Danzo & … Shisui Uchiha ook wel "Shisui of the Body Flicker" genoemd, was een Anbu van Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. HD wallpapers and background images Check out our itachi and shisui selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Itachi and Shisui let the Hokage and the elders of the apple apperceive about the situation. Naruto - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,531 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 6 - Follows: 2 - Published: 9/11/2010 - Itachi U. 128 notes. " Shisui said he was already sneaking behind the bench where the adults were sitting. Danzo stole his … More information. Anime. After murdering the entire Uchiha clan, and sparing his younger brother Sasuke Uchiha (Part 1). He appears working as a terrorist from the organisation Akatsuki and serves as Sasuke's greatest … Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 - Perfect Susanoo Squad! | Shisui & Itachi Uchiha Scan Thou. 17 16,224 0 … Resolution: 2400x1600. FX ☕(@far. NSFW GIFs Only. ago. Sasuke was the only one of them with a perfect susanoo, both itachi and shisui lacked eternal mang. However, as the series progresses, the reason behind Itachi’s actions is revealed, and we find ourselves in love with this badass ninja. With this eye, Shisui could use his ultimate Genjutsu Kotoamatsukami, which allowed him to cast a mind controlling illusion. Most importantly, Shishui'Crow Eyes match the banner 720X1280 Itachi & Shisui Uchiha Wallpaper HD - Instagram Vargz7 | Itachi uchiha, Naruto shippuden sasuke, Shisui DOWNLOADS itachi-and-shisui … Discover short videos related to itachi and shisui on TikTok. Bonmin Naruto Shippuden Anime Figure Uchiha Itachi Gk Akatsuki PVC 28cm Uchiha Itachi Raven Statue Figurine Collectible Figure Model Toys. ~*~Purpose~*~ The purpose of this club is for you, the Itachi x Shisui fan, to have a place to come and support the pairing. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of Itachi's betrayal and the story of the Uchiha clan is one of Naruto's biggest plot lines. Itachi Uchiha and Shisui Uchiha from Naruto with glowing Sharingans and a snow storm < > 3 Comments Sacred Feb 3 @ 10:49pm épico. She always had a crush on Itachi and thought that the Uchiha slaughter had extinguished her crush on him. A curated selection of 380+ Itachi Uchiha Wallpapers. You can also upload and share your favorite Shisui and Itachi wallpapers. Please excuse my English. Itachi implanted Shisui's eye into a crow and placed it within Naruto so that he could change … More information. ~*~Rules~*~ 1. Couple Naruto. volprock. " Itami is the term used to refer to the romantic relationship between Itachi Uchiha and Izumi Uchiha. She had a few fading bruises, and her hair had been trimmed into a more even bob. Perfect for your desktop pc, phone, laptop, or tablet - Wallpaper Abyss. Itachi Forum Avatar | Profile Photo - ID: 94341 - Avatar Abyss. Description. · 8 yr. Coub is YouTube for video loops. Because of this, Itachi became aloof with Shisui Uchiha, his only friend, and grew scared for life. Itachi laughed … Oct 11, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Rebecca . Sasuke only wants to K. Probably because he is a familiar face. After his death, the katana was buried with Ryuma, until his grave was robbed by Gecko Moria 23 years ago. But inspired by his readings, the Uchiha starts writing his own smutty stories about that friend he likes way too much. Advanced search Request a design Itachi And Shisui Uchiha Naruto | 760x1200 px; This site is an open community for users to share their favorite images on the internet, all pix or pictures in this blog are for personal pics use only, it is stricly prohibited to use this pic for commercial purposes, if you are the creator and find this pics is shared without your permission, please kindly raise a DMCA … Shisui And Itachi Uchiha. To their surprise they found a bubble gum pink haired Kunoichi, slamming her small, but some how deadly fists into the ground, causing a large amount of dust and parts of the earth's crust to fill the atmosphere. Fax. Discover short videos related to itachi uchiha say his name on TikTok. He feels he can be that way with Shisui’s younger sister. Uploaded by: anonymous; 1 month ago; Player Techne Online page; # if 1019 # boruto 693 # alive 440 # itachi 4084 # 1ems 1 # shisui 216 # ms 2754 # madara 6228 # rinnegan 290 # part: Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. Naruto Shippuden Anime. While Shisui initially planned on using his unique genjutsu, Kotoamatsukami, to quietly end the threat, … The Itachi x Shisui Club. , Shisui U. Uchiha Wallpaper, Uchiha Clan Wallpaper, Madara Uchiha Wallpaper HD">. Itachi laughed … Itachi Activates Shisui Uchiha's Ultimate Genjutsu. Toggle navigation Wallpaper Abyss . 99. Considering Shisui was extremely talented, it makes sense that he Itachi had killed Shisui before the Uchiha Massacre. 2 likes. hello to the shisuitards. Itachi breathed heavily. Ryuma appeared as a zombie on Thriller Bark, who had been … 3:58. "I think you should probably learn your first jutsu from Uncle Fugaku. A rift was created between Itachi and his family, and his warnings to them Itachi just wants to be free. Shisui is widely known for being an excellent sword for PvP because of its high damage, excellent combo potential, and very fast moves with really low end lag. in which itachi and shisui go to a halloween party. Cependant, étant donné qu'il n'était pas un Uchiha, Danzo n'était pas aussi bon utilisateur de. Standing on the promised cliff, Itachi waited for his best friend’s departure alone. Most of Shisui's skills are reskins from different character … Check out our itachi shisui shirt selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. With Hideo Ishikawa, Yuka Terasaki, Nao Tôyama, Kengo Kawanishi. His hands would trail across Itachi's chest and their eyes would meet. 6 Kakashi And Itachi's First Mission Is "Unofficial" Kakashi and Itachi's first mission is described as "unofficial" and secret. He was portrayed as a major antagonist for the biggest part of the story with his agenda revealed after his death, redeeming himself. Lemonades Itachi And Shisui Temp. Just like Itachi, family is very important to him, and he’d love to have a bunch of children running around to whom he could teach valuable lessons in hopes of a better future. See more ideas about itachi, shisui, itachi uchiha. tsukuyomi. … Itachi and shisui Uchiha. While playing … Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. hailed as one of the most powerful genjutsu users of the Uchiha clan. Itachi is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha, and is responsible for killing all the members of their clan, sparing only Sasuke. was fact at the beginning then cap and the last one was right. All was well, until one of the pages of his diary gets leaked and the whole village reads his naughty thoughts. Watch short videos about #shisui_itachi on TikTok. Sort by: Hot. Naruto Uzumaki Hokage. Itachi was born into the Uchiha clan and was praised by all as the best of his generation - a genius above … Naruto is a manga series by Masashi Kishimoto adapted into an anime, multiple movies, and video games. Following his … Watch Naruto Shippuden Episode 454 Online at Anime-Planet. Itachi is Suspected for Killing Shisui and He Gets Pissed off - Itachi Beats His Clan Members. Then came the moment when they would both reach their climax. Itachi often coming over to babysit whenever your both need it. Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. Di umurnya yang terbilang muda, dia bersama dengan Itachi bisa mempercundangi Anbu Konoha. 70 $ 19. 68KB Shisui is 2-4 years older than Itachi and Itachi is 4 years older than Sasuke. Animehunch Team. you’re freaking her out. 48. 600×545 207. 9,747 notes. The brother of Sasuke Uchiha, Itachi is one of the most important characters in the Naruto series, so naturally there are a ton of amazing Itachi Uchiha quotes that are guaranteed to give you goosebumps. Itachi chose to slaughter his clan to protect the … Discover short videos related to itachi and shisui on TikTok. It is needed to obtain the True Triple Katana. Gars pourrait orage ultime Naruto Ninja 4 gameplay Shisui shippudentm Itachi Uchiha Kakashi. And that would account a anarchism or civilian war. GOKU vs EVERYONE | Dragon Ball Super Mugen | Danzo était le chef de la division Root ANBU de Konoha et un méchant haineux qui est finalement tombé aux mains de Sasuke. 1K people have watched this. It might be a funny scene, movie quote, animation, meme or a mashup of multiple sources. Lowest price in 30 days. [7] Yuuhi Kurenai e Asuma Sarutobi encontram os dois ninjas renegados, e uma luta é inevitável, Kakashi Hatake aparece imediatamente para … Itachi Uchiha is the older brother of Sasuke Uchiha and one of the greatest Sharingan users in Naruto. 3-Had The Most Powerful Genjutsu Which Doesn’t Need Eye Contact and No One Will Notice If They are in Genjutsu 4-Could Summon … level 1. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #itachisasukeuchiha, #itachi_sasuke_uchiha . Télécharger Créer. Itachi cố tình làm cho Sasuke hiểu lầm rằng anh thảm sát Shisui SFW Anger Headcannons Dream Job 1 Headcannons Dream Job 2 Headcannons Tumblr Headcannons Music Headcannons Nervous!Shisui Scenario Break-up Scenario Afterlife Scenario ShiIta Sick imagitarium-of-uchiha-itachi Uzumaki Nagato and Uchiha Itachi, as one of the few survivors of the two big families, possess powerful Sharingan and talents. Itachi would join a criminal organization called the Akatsuki. Fictional Characters. (3 files) Shisui itachi and sasuke vectors free download graphic art designs. He died 1 year before the Massacre, as confirmed by Sasuke's age at the time - stated in the manga. If you want me, I’ll be yours forever. Itachi Mangekyou Sharingan Contacts. We provide the best quality videos for download and watching on our featured content. The second part of … Naruto Shippuden:Storm 4 -Perfect Susanoo Itachi vs Shisui Uchiha Susanoo(GAMEPLAY SCREENSHOTS HD) Pekek. Itachi susanoo was way better than sasuke even with ems. Naruto Itachi Shisui Anime Sharingan - Shisui Uchiha And Itachi Shisui kissed Itachi once more before pushing gently into his lover. Shisui Uchiha (うちはシスイ, Uchiha Shisui), renowned as "Shisui of the Body Flicker" (瞬身のシスイ, Shunshin no Shisui; English TV "Shisui the Teleporter"), was a member of the Koniha Military Police Force, a former ANBU and prodigy from Konohagakure's Uchiha clan. Shisui And Itachi Uchiha - Viduba is the best way of download, watch, share, videos. Subscribed. " Itachi cheered up a little bit. I’ll be more than happy if anyone point out any mistake! Whatever the outcome will be, Shisui will come. Among the people Tobi says Itachi killed his "lover", though her name is never revealed. Whose activities brought frequent clashing between Konoha and their … 1024x768 Request : Shisui, Cajaii, and Itachi by Lostinthedreams on DeviantArt Download 1920x1080 Shisui Uchiha Susanoo Confirmed 4 Naruto Storm Revolution - YouTube Shisui Uchiha-- a skinny, always happy, light child. He then joined the international criminal organization Akatsuki, whose activity brought him into frequent conflict with Konoha and its ninja — including Sasuke, who sought to avenge their family. O them both or Escap Tons of awesome Shisui and Itachi wallpapers to download for free. Itachi 1920x1080 Search Results for “itachi uchiha wallpaper pack” – Adorable Wallpapers. 00. Capture their love, friendship, and story, with this stunning 3D LED design from Naruto! Itachi awakened the Mangekyō Sharingan after the suicide of Shisui Uchiha. Written for Naruto Smut Monday 2022. 0 0. 00 $30. Free website themes & skins created by the Stylish community on Userstyles. next. He met 5-year-old Itachi a year after the Third Great Ninja War. naruto shippuden sasuke wallpaper free with high resolution wallpaper on anime category similar with akatsuki iphone. Itachi laughed … Itachi finds Shisui living an interesting life in exile. Itachi knew that his end is near, and after his death, Sasuke would definitely take his eyes. But Shisui is unwavering in his determination to stop the fighting. -According to Hiruzen, Itachi considering his infiltration to Akatsuki as his mission from Konoha. This, I think, is why Itachi cannot tell Hiruzen. Before his death, he made a deal with Hiruzen Sarutobi to act as the bridge between the village and his clan, whose Best Answer. Itachi template. 3 7. genjutsu of that level doesn't work on me. Sasuke had scrunched up his nose as he got a whiff of the fart. A missão dele com Hoshigaki Kisame era á captura do Jinchuuriki da Kyuubi, Naruto Uzumaki, dentro do vilarejo de Vila da Folha. He flicks his hand again and kunais re-appear in between his High quality Itachi And Shisui-inspired gifts and merchandise. Itachi Shisui - 18 images - itachi uchiha hd wallpapers, itachi in 2020 itachi uchiha naruto art anime gangster, the story of itachi and shisui friendship part 1 english sub youtube, shisui uchiha and itachi, Shisui and Itachi being the elite shinobis they are immediately reacted, and ended up a far distance from the source. Shortly after joining the ANBU, Itachi began to act "oddly", and Shisui was instructed by the Konoha Military Police Force to keep tabs on him. Shisui was a wielder of the Sharingan. Shisui Uchiha Images on Fanpop. Shisui would love to train with his s/o. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of At the time Shisui died, he was 16 and Itachi was 12-13 years old. Free Anime. Shisui Uchiha Club Join New Post. Making Shisui about 15 (14-16) at … Shisui is one of the three Legendary Swords sold by Legendary Sword Dealer. Min 06/24/17 . Save 34%. Cuối cùng, để đáp lại lời đề nghị của Danzo nhằm bảo vệ mạng sống của Sasuke, Itachi đã tàn sát cả gia tộc. He was the first member of the Akatsuki to be added to the game, with Pain coming later. Renowned for his mastery of the Body Flicker Technique, he was nevertheless loyal to the Leaf Village and served as the Third Hokage's spy while he investigated the Uchiha's planned coup d'etat. Sasuke And Itachi. This Shisui Uchiha fan art contains anime, comic book, manga, and cartoon. . Chunin rank and above are allowed to participate in the wars. Soon afterwards … At age 12, after witnessing the death of Shisui Uchiha, Itachi awakens his Mangekyo Sharingan and becomes an extremely skilled Genjutsu user. View, comment, download and edit itachi Minecraft skins. Probably could have been. Accussations towards him without any proof would result in heavy retaliation. Hope u enjoy here Thank You. Après le massacre du clan Uchiha, Danzo a implanté son corps avec plusieurs Sharingan, en plus de voler le Mangekyo Sharingan de Shisui . Two of the strongest uchiha ever. With Tenor, maker of GIF Keyboard, add popular Itachi animated GIFs to your conversations. Besides, Itachi would be the mediator between Sasuke and Shisui, so you building a relationship with him first makes the most sense. Itachi Uchiha Quotes When Itachi started to act strangely, Shisui was educated by the Konoha Military Police Force to track … Shisui, delighted, victim of that hungry look, feeling his dermis burn under Nagato's torrid gaze, smiled weakly at Itachi, holding the long black strands in his fist, pulling hard. Naruto wallpaper, Anime, Shisui">. Recruitable at Lv. 1024×1408 107. Introduction / Meeting . If you haven't seen Naruto Shippuden all the way through, you have no idea just how complex this "villain" is! Many Itachi Uchiha quotes were catalysts for Sasuke's … (if boruto alive) itachi 1ems\ 1 shisui ms + 1 madara rinnegan (if boruto alive) itachi 1ems\ 1 shisui ms + 1 madara rinnegan. They are tasked with following another team sent on a diplomatic mission to Itachi drank his friend’s familiar scent, still amazed, blown away, to be able to do something like this. 1024×576 917. Itachi laughed … Crow (After) is a 6-star unit based on Edo Tensei (Reanimation) Itachi Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden. Unsubscribe. ” “You can’t even see her,” Itachi objected. Explore Shisui Uchiha Wallpaper. Hello everyone ~ I just finished all my exams a couple days ago, and wanted to make a drawing. Left with a choice between open war and the death of Itachi Shisui. Itachi susanoo had a sword that if hit you put you in a endless genjustu. He can only be obtained by evolving his 5-star Crow. 0. shisui uchiha shisui shiita itachi uchiha shisui x itachi itachi x shisui uchiha clan shisui imagine naruto uchiha shisui fan art anime boys anime art. Kunst. First move: Body flicker illusion This move autododges while spawning multiple illusions of you that do no damage. At first, the 3rd Hokage ordered him to beam the bearings and acquisition out if Browse and share the top Itachi Shisui GIFs from 2022 on Gfycat. I will train you in Shurikenjutsu if you want to learn it. 2:49. Shisui at the time of his death. T-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more, designed and sold by independent artists around the world. All rights reserved. 1. Perfect for making your computer shine. Before committing suicide, Shisui gave his right eye to Itachi, so the immense power of Shisui obtained authority to move independently in order to watching over the clan’s conspiracy from the Hokage, he seek out the clan’s movement day and night. Explore Fanpop. tokyo. This drawing took … Itachi used his shadow clone to talk to Naruto, but Naruto was not listening, so he forced the crow with Shisui’s eye under Naruto. Best of Itachi Uchiha moments English Dub. mp3; Itachi Uses Shiui's Sharingan (Kotoamatsukami), Resisted Kabuto's Edo Tensei, Itachi VS Naruto. Share Shisui Uchiha with your friends. why does anyone let shisui out of the house honestly. Itachi Choking Sasuke. 90 Nagato Pain Six Paths Pain Reanimated Nagato Pain & Konan Nagato & Itachi Itachi Itachi Illusion God Itachi Susanoo Itachi Reanimated Itachi … This is Itachi and Shisui. One of the largest Minecraft networks in the world! Join today and play with friends from all over the world, we offer various new and classic entertaining game modes! Itachi and Shisui - Last Encounter (Anya-hen pg 139-151) Rough translation. Add Caption. 327 … From that point, we got these facts : -Danzo didn't killed Shisui. Naruto, Itachi, and Shisui panel: with Shishui's death, Itachi has unlocked the Mangekyo Sharigan and all the powerful techniques that come with it. Naruto Shippuden Characters. com; Sasuke, Itachi, and Shisui Wholesome moment. I chose to draw Itachi and Shisui because they were super cute as kids. 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